World's 1st Token Backed By Crypto Mining

Mr Mint is an asset-backed token integrating
aspects of state-of-the-art cryptocurrency mining
and decentralized storage through Web3.

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About Us

Mr Mint is the brainchild of extraordinary people with a vision to extend the benefits of mining to individuals. A vision born out of the willingness to create growth opportunities for millions who are waiting to participate in this fast-growing mining ecosystem, but have been held back because of the costs involved, technical support and maintenance. With Mr Mint, those who aspire to be a part of the growing mining world can do so with as little as $100.

Mr Mint is not just a concept, or just another product – it is the fulfilment of dreams.

Backed by real-world mining

A complete solution for the global mining community

A truly sustainable coin


To empower every individual and every organization in the blockchain ecosystem to achieve more through a bright and progressive mining framework, and by harnessing the power of Web3 for a decentralized future.

To provide value to the community through content and experiences like NFTs that aid the development of the Metaverse.


Our mission is to extend the rewards of mining to a global community of individuals driven by the potential of the bright mining future. We aim to make this possible through our state-of-the-art infrastructure capabilities by building an open and shared community.

Our ambition is to reach a target of mining 5 Bitcoin daily in a span of one year. Imagine a time when this aspiration is achieved, and it supports MNTs liquidity and market cap.

As phases progress, we aim to create a marketplace that integrates NFTs, the Metaverse, thereby developing a cross-chain ecosystem.


Decimal 8
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
Private Sale Price $0.054
Pre- Sale price $0.094
Public Sale Price $0.15
Accepted Currency BNB

Private Sale 5% 50,000,000
Pre-sale 15% 150,000,000
Public Sale 20% 200,000,000
Marketing 10% 100,000,000
Referral 2% 20,000,000
R & D 1% 10,000,000
Airdrop 1% 10,000,000
Liquidity Staking 12% 120,000,000
Ecosystem 7% 70,000,000
Reserve 4% 40,000,000
Team 18% 180,000,000
Charity 1% 10,000,000
Advisory 4% 40,000,000


Start Date: 02-04-2022

End Date: 15-05-2022

Token Pricing: $0.054

Minimum Investment: $100


Start Date: 16-05-2022

End Date: 30-06-2022

Token Pricing: $0.094

Minimum Investment: $100


Start Date: 01-07-2022

End Date: 31-12-2022

Token Pricing: $0.15

Minimum Investment: $100

Our Beliefs

Mr Mint believes in the world of SHARING ECONOMY, and strives to bring the best possible user experience to the global community.

As a strong catalyst in the development of a BRIGHT MINING future, Mr Mint brings in next generation hybrid technologies for mining enthusiasts that get better from time to time.

Mr Mint is a firm believer in ‘TRUST LEADS TO MORE TRUST’ thereby introducing an asset-backed token – with real, physical, state-of-the-art mining infrastructure that deliver growth opportunities for the community.

The Mining Future is here. Be a part of it!



  • - Initiation of Mr Mint Project
  • - Operation Team Formation


  • - Mr Mint Ecosystem Development Initiated
  • - Approval of Various Upcoming Products Completed


  • - Smart Contract Creation on Testnet
  • - Blueprint of the Ecosystem Approved


  • - Offline Marketing Initiated


  • - Mr Mint Ecosystem: Crypto Website Launched
  • - Web3 Integration


  • - Private & Pre-sale Initiation
  • - Social Media Campaign Initiation
  • - Staking Platform Go-live


  • - Infrastructure Development
  • - Beginning of Cryptocurrency Mining
  • - Public Sale Begins


  • - Decentralized Exchange Listing
  • - Expansion of Infrastructure
  • - Purchase of Bulk Equipment
  • - Adding Mining Rewards to the Token Liquidity


  • - Exchange Listing
  • - Partial Unlock of Tokens of Phase 1
  • - NFT Integration Begins
  • - Adding Mining Rewards to the Token Liquidity


  • - Cross-chain Integration
  • - Partial Unlock of Tokens of Phase 2
  • - NFT Airdrops
  • - Metaverse Integration: Partial Use of Mining Rewards for Real Estate Acquisition
  • - Adding Mining Rewards to the Token Liquidity

Q3-2023 Onwards

  • - Partial Unlock of Tokens of Phase 3 and 4 (Last Phase)
  • - Adding Mining Rewards to the Token Liquidity
  • - Initiation of Mr Mint’s BIG CONCEPT in the Metaverse

Frequently Asked Questions

$MNT is a BSC token designed to make it super simple to invest in crypto mining without any knowledge or expensive equipment. We work with strategic mining partners in Australia, the United Kingdom, Iceland & India who use 100% hydroelectric & solar power to mine $BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

Here are Mr Mint’s tokenomics in detail

The Team behind the Mr Mint Project comes with expertise in the domain of over a decade. They have been active investors, traders, miners, as well as have a technical background that grew hand-in-hand with the growth of the domain.
Keeping in line with the culture of crypto and blockchain, the team has chosen to be pseudonymous. The project’s potential is backed by the extensive research, experience, and learnings of the team, and they envision the project shining in the light of its own progress, to stand on its own merits. It allows Mr Mint to be who it really is.

All of the mining rewards, i.e. the $BTC earned from mining is added to the liquidity and market cap of $MNT, or in other words, used to purchase $MNT tokens, some of which are immediately burned after purchase. This not only increases the price of $MNT but also decreases the supply gradually giving you an asset to hold.

To purchase $MNT, you need to have $BNB. That’s what is currently accepted. You cannot use USDT or any other currency.
If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide on how to buy $MNT Token, follow these:
How to create a Metamask Wallet and buy BNB
How to buy MNT

To purchase $MNT, you need to have a MetaMask Wallet. If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide on how to create a MetaMask Wallet, follow this: How to create a Metamask Wallet and buy BNB

Once you connect your Metamask to access your $MNT Wallet Interface, you get several options that show you your $MNT holdings, staking, and referral earning data.
Staking Rewards: You earn $MNT against staked MNT depending on the number of months you have staked for.
Referral Rewards: You earn $MNT worth 5% of the deposit amount of all users using your unique referral ID.
Withdraw button: All staking rewards and referral rewards can be withdrawn via this button. Staking rewards can be withdrawn on a monthly basis. Withdrawals can be made to the connected metamask wallet.
For a detailed explanation you may watch this guide: Guide on the Wallet Interface

When you visit and connect your wallet, you get to see how many $MNT you currently hold. These tokens remain vested for 9 months from the date of purchase. But you have the opportunity to stake them and earn from staking during the vesting period. To know how to stake your MNT refer this guide:
Here’s a guide on the Wallet Interface and how you can stake MNT

Staking rewards will reflect in your staking earnings on a monthly basis. They can be withdrawn on a monthly basis too. Staking rewards cannot be vested, but they can be traded immediately.

When you buy $MNT, your tokens are locked for a period of 9 months from the date of purchase. We do this to protect investors from price fluctuations or what is largely known as ‘pump and dump’ in the crypto world. Waiting for a predetermined duration means that the token will have stability in price, and early investors can use our staking mechanism to benefit and receive rewards.
You can refer to the table below that explains the vesting schedule:

Phase Token Price Vesting Details
Private Sale $0.054 5% unlock every month, after 9 months of purchase
Pre Sale $0.094 8% unlock every month, after 9 months of purchase
Public Sale $0.15 10% unlock every month, after 9 months of purchase

We are happy to help you. In case you need anything, Don’t hesitate to contact us here: Or DM us on any of our social media accounts.
Also note that the Mr Mint team will never contact you directly or ask for any of your information.